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I started Leozine studio to address an issue that arrises when- artist transition from student/ apprentice to professional which is how do you present your work, your creation, your expression, your invention, your ideas to your community or target audience? There are many steps to reach this goal of presentation such as an artist statement, an agent, a business name and many other details to consider. The one particular detail I’m addressing is me- dia in images, still or moving! An important aspect in presentation is showcasing your product as still and moving images. Showcas- ing your product with professional images is an important step in convincing your audience of the quality of your work. Imagine hav- ing professionally well lit and detailed images of your product that highlight and accentuate to quality, workmanship and practice of your product that you can use for your portfolio, your website, your catalog or your marketing material! Leozine Studio Photography + media will provide this image quality for your product.

Offering a range of services from portrait headshots to reproductions of your product to event exhibition coverage to artist profile as short documentary. Offering mix and match services tailored to your showcase desire. Delivered online, in print, data cd or hd quality DVD. Pose in your studio to showcase your working environment. Pose for yor headshot to reveal the creator behind the creation. Let your work speak for itself in well lit photographs documenting the range of your product. Highlight the celebration of your exhibition or your performance with documented photographs or hd video. Sit or walk us through your artist statement or message with a short hd video of yourself.

Imagine Having your product available for interested parties, whether it be for galleries, competition, admissions For higher education, websites, you name it, Leozine Studio Photography + Media offer imaging solutions to meet these goals. Using professional imaging equipment for photography and video in the form of camera, lenses and lighting. Professional tools of imaging for creative professionals. Contact Leozine Studio Photography + Media for the next step in showcasing your product.



Sherwin Banfield - Founder


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